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Mike Davied
Mike Davied is the owner & operator of Mikes Repair & Fabrication LLC located in Frontenac, KS. He has been repairing equipment for 40 years and has ran his own business for 20 years. For more information or to contact Mike please call 620-235-0061.
Articles Written By Mike Davied
Farm Industry 1st-July-2013 Are field and service mechanics a new or just growing trend. Part 2
Farm Industry 1st-June-2013 Are field and service mechanics a new or just growing trend?
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Farm Industry 1st-March-2013 What to consider in stair repair
Remodeling and Construction 1st-February-2013 All about steel
Farm Industry 1st-January-2013 How do I get old machinery to start?
Agriculture 1st-December-2012 Four reader questions answered
Agriculture 1st-November-2012 Winterizing your farm equipment?
Agriculture 1st-October-2012 Should I send equipment to the manufacturer or to the repair shop?
Agriculture 1st-September-2012 What do I do for an overheating combine?
Equipment, Maintenance & Repair 1st-August-2012 Hard to drive farm tractor
Equipment, Maintenance & Repair 2nd-July-2012 Building a corral
Equipment, Maintenance & Repair 1st-June-2012 Why is my 4WD tractor performing poorly?
Equipment, Maintenance & Repair 1st-May-2012 Oil in the crank case
Equipment, Maintenance & Repair 1st-April-2012 Alternatives to dealerships for service
Equipment, Maintenance & Repair 1st-March-2012 Seasonal preparation
Equipment, Maintenance & Repair 1st-February-2012 Oil sampling - series - part 2
Equipment, Maintenance & Repair 1st-January-2012 Oil sampling
Equipment, Maintenance & Repair 1st-December-2011 Improving maintenance procedures
Equipment, Maintenance & Repair 20th-October-2011 Improving maintenance procedures
Equipment, Maintenance & Repair 29th-September-2011 Improving maintenance procedures
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