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Rev Terry Fox
Reverend Terry G. Fox is Senior Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church. He is Chairman of the North American Mission Board, member of its Executive Committee and the FamilyNet Broadcast Communications Committee, as well as numerous other subcommittees. He's listed on the Who's Who Among Outstanding Corporate Executives. He is a sought after speaker and has traveled and ministered in many places in the United States, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Rev. Fox and his wife Barbara have three children. You may contact him at Immanuel Baptist Church, 1415 South Topeka, Wichita, Kansas, 67211; phone (316) 262-1452; or Fax (316) 262-4704.
Articles Written By Rev Terry Fox
Religion 1st-May-2009 Christianity diminishing?
Religion 1st-April-2009 Why go to church?
Religion 1st-August-2006 With all the mess, are we closer to the end times?
Religion 1st-July-2006 What would be the religious explanation if life were found on other planets?
Religion 1st-June-2006 Christianity, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and the ‘lost gospels’
Religion 30th-March-2006 Is oral sex between a husband & wife a sin?
Religion 1st-March-2006 Ask the insurance man-series
Religion 1st-February-2006 How to talk religion with a non-believer?
Religion 29th-December-2005 What do Secular Humanists believe?
Religion 1st-November-2005 Hell and Satan: real or myth?
Religion 1st-October-2005 Is baptism required to enter heaven?
Religion 1st-September-2005 “We can all be certain they are in a better place.” How do we know?
Religion 1st-September-2005 What happens to suicide bombers who die for their faith?
Religion 1st-August-2005 Is there such a thing as ‘rebirth’ or reincarnation?
Religion 1st-July-2005 Who in Heaven has their soul already reunited with their body?
Religion 1st-June-2005 How odd of God... to choose the Jews
Religion 1st-April-2005 Is John the Baptist greater than Mary?
Religion 1st-April-2005 Why no mention of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament?
Religion 1st-February-2005 Are religion and theism effectively the same thing?
Religion 1st-February-2005 Is it true that most people who have lived on this earth will go to hell?
Religion 1st-January-2005 Will we be judged more harshly than those of the Old Testament?
Religion 1st-December-2004 Once saved, serious sin will still send you to hell, right?
Religion 1st-October-2004 Do you have to be baptized to enter heaven? What about babies?
Religion 1st-October-2004 What is meant... “there will be just one Church” at the end of time?
Religion 1st-September-2004 Something is missing... but we don’t want to be pressured
Religion 1st-August-2004 What body and mind will we have in eternity?
Religion 1st-July-2004 Cremation... is it a moral or spiritual issue?
Religion 1st-June-2004 Why repent when you’re going to commit the same sins again?
Religion 1st-May-2004 Who should one pray to... God... Jesus... The Holy Spirit... the Saints?
Religion 1st-March-2004 God said after the flood He would never do it again... will He?
Religion 1st-February-2004 What does it mean to get the ‘Holy Spirit’?
Religion 1st-December-2003 Is this like Sodom and Gomorrah, or what?
Religion 1st-November-2003 Do troubles in the Middle East mean the end of the world is near?
Religion 1st-August-2003 What's the best way to approach an atheist?
Religion 1st-May-2003 Can one be 'saved' then lose it?
Religion 1st-February-2003 Why did God wait so long to send Jesus?
Religion 1st-January-2003 Did all of mankind descend from just two people?
Religion 1st-December-2002 How is one ‘saved’?
Religion 1st-November-2002 How should one go about reading the Bible?
Religion 9th-October-2011 How does one know how big a sin is?
Religion 1st-November-2011 Apart from the bible... how do we know God exists?
Religion 9th-October-2011 Trying to understand the ‘Trinity’
Religion 4th-November-2011 Why would God allow so many different religions?
Religion 1st-February-2002 Is the Bible contradictory?
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