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Bob Crager
Bob Crager of Lewis Street Glass is a 26 year veteran in the glass business. Lewis Street Glass is a leading Wichita Glass company, serving the entire Wichita/Sedgwick County area since 1919. They do anything and everything having to do with glass, both residential and commercial. They also do Auto glass. They are located at 743 South Market, facing Kellogg on the South, and you can reach them by phone at (316) 263-8259. You can email Bob Crager at bcrager@lewisstreetglass.com
Articles Written By Bob Crager
Home Improvement 1st-June-2013 Glass front doors for commercial building?
Home Improvement 1st-May-2013 Windshields & other glass in smaller RV's & motor homes?
Home Improvement 1st-April-2013 Dangers of breaking glass in a tornado
Home Improvement 1st-March-2013 Springtime repairs on the home front
Glass 1st-February-2013 Antique truck and glass restoration
Glass 1st-January-2013 Commercial buildings & unprotected glass
Glass 1st-December-2012 Should we replace our old windows to sell our home?
Glass 1st-November-2012 November means Thanksgiving...an we're truly blesse
Glass 1st-October-2012 A large welcome to Fall
Glass 1st-September-2012 Bright Sunlight...Intolerable Heat...Help?
Glass 1st-August-2012 How can I have home security with all these windows?
Glass 2nd-July-2012 Tornado season is here again
Glass 1st-June-2012 High performance windows
Glass 1st-May-2012 Sliding glass doors
Glass 1st-April-2012 Winter, what winter?
Glass 1st-March-2012 Tinted plate glass table tops
Glass 1st-February-2012 Glass for antique & classic cars
Glass 1st-January-2012 Utility bills through the roof
Glass 1st-September-2011 Why do so many people neglect the windows of their homes?
Glass 1st-August-2011 So much heat…so little relief in sight!
Glass 1st-December-2011 Winter weather and holiday preparedness
Glass 1st-November-2011 My original basement windows are rustin’ down…HELP!
Glass 1st-October-2011 It’s hard to believe…I just lit my pilot light!
Glass 1st-July-2011 Commercial building and glass maintenance
Glass 1st-June-2011 Considerations for business aesthetics
Glass 1st-May-2011 Keeping sunlight tolerable and the heat controlled
Glass 1st-April-2011 Springtime repairs at the home front!
Glass 1st-March-2011 Expansion time for our commercial building…what now?
Glass 1st-February-2011 Drivers finding unexpected new places to park their vehicles?
Glass 1st-January-2011 Building commercial buildings using a lot of glass?
Glass 1st-December-2010 Electric vehicle windows are great! ‘cept when they break!
Glass 1st-November-2010 Window problems in motor homes
Glass 1st-October-2010 Antique truck and car glass restoration
Glass 1st-September-2010 Rooms with a south and west exposure…hotter and colder?
Glass 1st-August-2010 Patio doors
Glass 1st-July-2010 Fogging windows – series (part three)
Glass 1st-May-2010 Fogging windows – series (part two)
Glass 1st-April-2010 Fogging windows – series (part one)
Glass 1st-April-2010 Energy efficient “windowing”
Glass 1st-March-2010 Glass that is protecting our troops
Glass 1st-February-2010 Smart windows for commercial buildings
Glass 1st-December-2009 Repairing old windows
Glass 1st-November-2009 What causes condensation on windows?
Glass 1st-October-2009 Before winter storms and cold weather...
Glass 1st-September-2009 Summer heat flooding my home
Glass 1st-August-2009 Getting hot inside, with AC going
Glass 1st-July-2009 Replacement glass for antiques
Glass 1st-June-2009 Wichita’s tornado season and the effects
Glass 1st-May-2009 Getting a facelift for a commercial building
Glass 1st-April-2009 Changing out sliding glass patio doors
Glass 1st-March-2009 Smart glass coming to a street near you?
Glass 1st-February-2009 Glass benefiting customers
Glass 1st-January-2009 Protecting glass on buildings
Glass 1st-December-2008 Entertainment on the prairie
Glass 1st-November-2008 Life on the open prairie
Glass 1st-October-2008 People were stouter back then
Glass 1st-September-2008 Is the glass in my windows moving?
Glass 1st-August-2008 Old windows costing you more money?
Glass 1st-July-2008 Front doors for a new building
Glass 1st-June-2008 How dangerous are breaking windows in a tornado?
Glass 1st-May-2008 Types of glass in our everyday lives
Glass 1st-April-2008 Did the old sod houses have windows?
Glass 1st-March-2008 Low-e or not low-e...that is the question
Glass 1st-February-2008 Which musical note can I learn to sing to break a glass?
Glass 1st-January-2008 Glass door safety in schools, churches, and other public buildings?
Glass 1st-December-2007 Patio door security…French or sliding!
Glass 1st-November-2007 Steps to the maintenance of a commercial building
Glass 1st-October-2007 Mirrored surveillance glass…it’s everywhere you might be
Glass 1st-September-2007 Window & door glass, clearly a good thing!
Glass 1st-August-2007 What is a ‘green building’?
Glass 1st-July-2007 Cracked window pane? Here are some tips.
Glass 1st-June-2007 Keeping sunlight and heat tolerable
Glass 1st-May-2007 Construction glass...is it used?
Glass 1st-April-2007 How many windows are too many in a home?
Glass 1st-March-2007 Aluminum frame and broken panes
Glass 1st-February-2007 Is there modern stained glass?
Glass 1st-January-2007 Stained glass, is it for homes?
Glass 1st-December-2006 Replacing old windows
Glass 1st-November-2006 Getting the house ready for winter
Glass 1st-October-2006 Low E window glass, money saver?
Glass 1st-September-2006 Preparing for the winter months
Glass 1st-August-2006 The danger of storm-broken windows
Glass 1st-July-2006 Window protection in windstorms?
Glass 1st-June-2006 Are local banks using ‘man traps’?
Glass 1st-May-2006 Fixing a broken window in the home
Glass 1st-April-2006 Preventing heat from escaping through windows
Glass 1st-March-2006 Stopping sounds at the speed of glass
Glass 1st-January-2006 Man traps... harder to rob banks
Glass 1st-December-2005 What is 'tempered' glass?
Glass 1st-November-2005 Bullet proof glass
Glass 1st-October-2005 The history of mirrors
Glass 1st-September-2005 Sod houses on the plains
Glass 1st-August-2005 Glass dates back to prehistoric
Glass 1st-February-2005 How do I repair a broken window?
Glass 1st-January-2005 Window leaks mean higher bills
Glass 1st-December-2004 Stopping leaky windows
Glass 1st-October-2004 Reducing heat loss
Glass 1st-October-2004 Making windows energy efficient
Glass 1st-July-2004 Cutting Glass... continued
Glass 1st-June-2004 Cutting glass... continued
Glass 1st-May-2004 How do I go about cutting glass?
Glass 1st-April-2004 Is my house too tight?
Glass 1st-March-2004 Dry rot on windows
Glass 1st-February-2004 When was glass first made?
Glass 1st-January-2004 Getting more “energy efficient”
Glass 1st-December-2003 How do I replace a window?
Glass 1st-November-2003 My fireplace doors exploded!
Glass 1st-September-2003 All about glass
Glass 1st-August-2003 Older windows and rising energy costs
Glass 1st-July-2003 Glass helps battle terrorism
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