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Mickey De Hook
Mickey H. DeHook is a 30 year, nationally recognized, law enforcement veteran and trainer. He was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. He is also a police consultant and expert witness on liability issue lawsuits filed against law enforcement agencies. He has received numerous state and national awards in traffic safety and criminal investigations. Mickey has appeared on radio and television and lectured throughout the United States on the issues of domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse, child abuse, self-defense for women, and traffic safety. Mickey also has a program called "On The Line...You Make The Call," for college student-athletes. It's an interactive program designed to make the student-athlete aware of the temptations and resulting choices he or she may be faced with in his or her daily life. You can contact Mickey at (620) 327-2222, or e-mail: mdehook@kscable.com
Articles Written By Mickey De Hook
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