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Pastor Dave Henion
Pastor Dave grew up in northern New Jersey in a very diverse cultural area. He attended Central College in Pella, Iowa received a BA in sociology and psychology. He was an offensive guard for their NCAA Div III National Championship team in 1974. In speaking for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, he sensed a call to full time ministry. Meeting is future wife Sandy at Central, went to Michigan to finish her college while Dave started Western Seminary in Holland, Michigan. Dave married Sandy in 77 and completed his Masters of Divinity degree in 78. Pastor Dave’s first church was in Fort Lee, New Jersey, home of the George Washington Bridge. Their three children were born there and he also served as a Police and Fire Chaplain for the city. In February 1991, they came to Wichita to start Harvest Community Church. In 2006, he received his Doctor of Ministry degree from Covenant Theological (Presbyterian) Seminary in St Louis. During that year he gained a daughter-in-law with now 2 grandsons of 3 years and 6 months old. Besides Pastoring at HCC for the past 20 years, he has been Director of the SCSD & WPD Police Chaplains for 11.
Articles Written By Pastor Dave Henion
Religion 1st-July-2013 Faith vs Works
Religion 1st-June-2013 How to read the Bible
Religion 1st-May-2013 Sins: big & little
Religion 1st-April-2013 God's existence
Religion 1st-March-2013 Questions on baptism
Religion 1st-February-2013 Questions on baptism
Religion 1st-January-2013 Jesus' predictions about destruction
Religion 1st-December-2012 Israel and Judaism: is it a biblical thing?
Religion 1st-November-2012 The fallen angels
Religion 1st-October-2012 Is heaven a lonely place with disembodied souls?
Religion 1st-September-2012 How many people are saved?
Religion 1st-August-2012 God's Plan
Religion 1st-August-2012 God's Plan
Religion 2nd-July-2012 Salvation and the variety of religious opinions
Religion 1st-June-2012 Sins: big and little
Religion 1st-May-2012 How to read the Bible
Religion 1st-April-2012 Salvation...a variety of opinions
Religion 1st-March-2012 More to heaven than worship?
Religion 1st-February-2012 Requirements to enter Heaven?
Religion 1st-January-2012 Do you have to go to church to be saved?
Religion 1st-December-2011 Science vs. religion
Religion 20th-October-2011 Deism
Religion 26th-September-2011 Contradictions in scripture?
Religion 1st-July-2011 Origins of the holy Trinity
Religion 1st-June-2011 “End of times” predicted?
Religion 1st-May-2011 Requirements for heaven’s entry
Religion 1st-April-2011 Honoring God enough fulfillment for eternity?
Religion 1st-March-2011 Is there evidence proving God’s existence?
Religion 1st-March-2011 Is there evidence proving God’s existence?
Religion 1st-February-2011 To whom should we pray?
Religion 1st-January-2011 To whom should we pray?
Religion 1st-January-2011 How is accountability for a sin determined?
Religion 1st-December-2010 Why did Jesus rebuke Peter?
Religion 1st-November-2010 The divine and human nature in Jesus
Religion 1st-October-2010 The particular and final judgments
Religion 1st-October-2010 The mystery of the Holy Trinity
Religion 1st-September-2010 Was there sin before the commandments?
Religion 1st-August-2010 Why did Jesus say to buy a sword?
Religion 1st-July-2010 The genealogy of Jesus
Religion 1st-May-2010 Sequence of events at the end times?
Religion 1st-April-2010 Book of Revelation...is it relevant today?
Religion 1st-February-2010 Why can’t it be a simple “yes” or “no?”
Religion 1st-January-2010 What does “much” mean in this context?
Religion 1st-December-2009 Souls - torment or happiness before Christ?
Religion 1st-November-2009 Are the Three Persons in God equal?
Religion 1st-October-2009 How often should one receive communion?
Religion 1st-August-2009 Did He die to make us holy?
Religion 1st-August-2009 Does God think?
Religion 1st-June-2009 Body and soul renunited?
Religion 1st-May-2009 How could Jesus become more “all-wise”
Religion 1st-May-2009 Are we supposed to look like God?
Religion 1st-April-2009 Purpose behind the Transfiguration
Religion 1st-February-2009 Love God or fear Him?
Religion 31st-December-2008 Accepting Jesus Christ as your Savior
Religion 31st-December-2008 Religion within broken relationships
Religion 1st-December-2008 Jews who do not accept Jesus Christ
Religion 1st-October-2008 Wrong to celebrate Halloween?
Religion 1st-October-2008 What about Purgatory?
Religion 1st-August-2008 Marriage of Christians and unbelievers
Religion 1st-July-2008 Can the Bible be contradictory?
Religion 1st-July-2008 Where was Jesus after he died?
Religion 1st-May-2008 Virgin Mary’s role in salvation
Religion 1st-April-2008 Are these Bible passages contradictory?
Religion 1st-April-2008 Questions about baptism
Religion 1st-March-2008 Destruction of the world or the temple?
Religion 1st-February-2008 Israel and Judaism: Is it a biblical thing?
Religion 1st-January-2008 Fallen angels
Religion 1st-December-2007 Is it really true that more than half of all people are not saved?
Religion 1st-November-2007 At the end of time...what happens to the soul?
Religion 1st-November-2011 About the Trinity
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