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Kevin Knaup
Kevin Knaup received his Kansas Adult Care Home Administrator's license in 1983 and is the Administrator and part owner of Sunset Manor, Inc. in Frontenac, KS. He has been employed at Sunset Manor for 31 years. He is a member of Kansas Health Care Association and Kansas Adult Care Executives. He has served on various local and state committees for education and training in the Adult Care home field.
Articles Written By Kevin Knaup
Senior Living 1st-December-2012 How can I lift an arthritis sufferer's spirits?
Senior Living 1st-November-2012 How can I help solve social strains?
Senior Living 1st-October-2012 How can I make my visits meaningful?
Senior Living 1st-September-2012 How can I help my mom let go of stuff?
Senior Living 1st-August-2012 How can I adapt to becoming a spousal caregiver?
Senior Living 2nd-July-2012 How can I safeuard my father against getting to many prescriptions?
Senior Living 1st-June-2012 Providing long distance care
Senior Living 1st-May-2012 Fraudulent prescriptions
Senior Living 1st-April-2012 How should I prepare for disasters?
Senior Living 1st-March-2012 Are social activities beneficial?
Senior Living 1st-February-2012 Overcoming the fear factor
Senior Living 1st-January-2012 The economy and senior nutrition
Senior Living 1st-December-2011 Hope on the horizon for dementia?
Senior Living 20th-October-2011 Holiday traveling with seniors
Senior Living 29th-September-2011 Are regular screenings still important?
Senior Living 1st-July-2011 What is an informal caregiver?
Senior Living 1st-June-2011 What should I know about the admissions process?
Senior Living 1st-May-2011 Long term care insurance and adult living/care
Senior Living 1st-April-2011 The symptoms of Alzheimer’s
Senior Living 1st-March-2011 The difference between Medicare and Medicaid
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