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Dustin Walker
Dustin Walker is the owner and operator of Dustin’s Auto Detail in Pittsburg (4010 Parkview Drive). Dustin’s Auto Detail is a one stop shop to get anything from your car cleaned to a suspension lift, wheels, tires, and accessories. For more information or to reach Dustin please call 620-230-0440.
Articles Written By Dustin Walker
Automotive Service & Repair 1st-August-2012 What about teflon car wax?
Automotive Service & Repair 2nd-July-2012 Farm tires-10 ply mud over all terrains
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Automotive Service & Repair 1st-May-2012 Dents and paint oxidation
Automotive Service & Repair 1st-April-2012 What can I do about discolored carpet?
Automotive Service & Repair 1st-March-2012 What is the difference between detailing and washing?
Automotive Service & Repair 1st-February-2012 Preparing your vehicle’s exterior for winter - series - part 2
Automotive Service & Repair 1st-January-2012 Preparing your vehicle’s exterior for winter
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