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John Yoder
John Yoder and his wife Joyce are owners of Yoder Meats, located in Yoder, KS. They are known for their custom butchering of hormone-free beef, pork and many other meats. They have been active in the meat processing business since 1965. You can contact them at (620) 465-3807, or toll free at (800) 952-MEAT(6328), or by e-mail at: yodermeatsinc@hotmail.com
Articles Written By John Yoder
Food & Drink 1st-February-2005 Corned beef and cabbage
Food & Drink 1st-February-2005 Rub seasonings and grilling?
Food & Drink 1st-October-2004 Does turkey make you sleepy
Food & Drink 1st-July-2004 Lots to know about marinating
Food & Drink 1st-April-2004 Selecting the right kind of wood
Food & Drink 1st-March-2004 Why corned beef on St. Pat’s day?
Food & Drink 1st-February-2004 How do I stretch my meat dollars?
Food & Drink 1st-November-2003 How do I choose cheese?
Food & Drink 1st-October-2003 Cajun-style red beans & rice
Food & Drink 1st-July-2003 What is cold smoking?
Food & Drink 1st-June-2003 What is pastrami?
Food & Drink 1st-May-2003 Just got a new smoker
Food & Drink 1st-January-2003 Andouille sausage
Food & Drink 1st-December-2002 Woods for smoking
Food & Drink 1st-November-2002 Smoke cooking & curing
Food & Drink 1st-October-2002 How were hams cured in the old days?
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