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Kim Mcintosh
Kim McIntosh, a former graduate of Xenon Int'l. School of Hair Design serves as the school’s Director and is a shareholder in the business. She holds a Cosmetology, Esthetics and Instructor's license in Kansas and Nebraska. She has worked behind the chair and managed some of the most prominent salons in the Wichita area. As an educator, her primary goal has been to provide the beauty industry with successful licensed professionals. Having served in the past as Second Vice-President on the Board of Directors for the National Cosmetology Association of Kansas, Kim is currently a Director on the national board for the American Association of Cosmetology Schools. You may contact Kim at (316) 943-5516.
Articles Written By Kim Mcintosh
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Beauty & Fashion 1st-October-2003 What are the fall fashion trends?
Beauty & Fashion 1st-September-2003 How can I control my curls?
Beauty & Fashion 1st-August-2003 Taming curls
Beauty & Fashion 1st-July-2003 Too young for perms?
Beauty & Fashion 1st-June-2003 Blonde or brunette?
Beauty & Fashion 1st-May-2003 Tip the barber/hairdresser?
Beauty & Fashion 1st-April-2003 How does pH work?
Beauty & Fashion 1st-March-2003 Artificial nails are expensive to maintain
Beauty & Fashion 1st-February-2003 Dark hair ends... light at scalp
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