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Rod Baumberger
Rod Baumberger is a Fitness Specialist at Health Strategies/Life Strategies Foundation. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Fitness Management from Newman University. In addition to his other duties, Rodney is an education coordinator in pulmonary rehabilitation and is a senior initiative coordinator. You may reach Rodney at Health Strategies, (316) 651-8015, or at the facility at 551 N Hillside, Wichita, KS 67214.
Articles Written By Rod Baumberger
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Diet & Nutrition 1st-January-2005 Black-eyed peas on New Years?
Diet & Nutrition 1st-December-2004 Quick breakfast for holiday guests
Diet & Nutrition 1st-October-2004 A non-turkey Thanksgiving?
Diet & Nutrition 1st-August-2004 Arresting appetizers
Diet & Nutrition 1st-August-2004 Same ol’ burger blahs?
Diet & Nutrition 1st-July-2004 Crowd-pleasing salad for the 4th
Diet & Nutrition 1st-June-2004 How about steak kabobs?
Diet & Nutrition 1st-May-2004 Fun recipes for Cinco de Mayo
Diet & Nutrition 1st-April-2004 Why serve ham at Easter?
Diet & Nutrition 1st-March-2004 How about some Irish toasts?
Diet & Nutrition 1st-February-2004 Using non-stick cookware safely
Diet & Nutrition 1st-January-2004 Is seasoning cast iron necessary?
Diet & Nutrition 1st-December-2003 Make-ahead meals for the holiday
Diet & Nutrition 1st-November-2003 Cooking for the holidays
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