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Shanna ParrishTaylor
Shanna Parrish-Taylor is the Director of Nursing at Vintage Place Assisted Living. She is a RN with 9 years long term care experience, experience in critical care as well as hospice setting. Shanna is currently working on her master’s degree towards obtaining her ANRP. For more information on Shanna or Vintage Place please call 620-231-4554.
Articles Written By Shanna ParrishTaylor
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Senior Living 1st-June-2013 What should I do in planning for summer travel
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Senior Living 1st-April-2013 What are some ways to keep the elderly busy?
Senior Living 1st-March-2013 How do I find the right assisted living facility?
Senior Living 1st-February-2013 Assisted living or living with family?
Senior Living 1st-January-2013 What are the symptoms of a stroke?
Senior Living 1st-December-2012 What are the pros & cons of assisted living?
Senior Living 1st-November-2012 How can I deal with anger?
Senior Living 1st-October-2012 How can I manage helping two generations?
Senior Living 1st-September-2012 Why encourage the elderly to get on the internet?
Senior Living 1st-August-2012 What do I need to think about when traveling with a stroke victim?
Senior Living 2nd-July-2012 How can I honor my loved one's wishes and do what I think is right?
Senior Living 1st-June-2012 Dealing with a difficult loved one
Senior Living 1st-May-2012 Organizing finances after a death
Senior Living 1st-April-2012 How do I deal with paranoia?
Senior Living 1st-March-2012 Avoiding hospitalization
Senior Living 1st-February-2012 Hospice care
Senior Living 1st-January-2012 Are you prepared to care for aging parents?
Senior Living 1st-December-2011 Considering the needs of seniors during the holidays
Senior Living 20th-October-2011 Caregivers: planning ahead for the holidays
Senior Living 1st-June-2011 Symptoms of loneliness – series -part 3
Senior Living 1st-May-2011 Symptoms of loneliness – series part 2 (for part 1 of this series refer to the April ’11 issue)
Senior Living 1st-April-2011 Symptoms of loneliness
Senior Living 1st-March-2011 What do you do if your loved one is resistant to moving to assisted living?
Senior Living 1st-February-2011 Pricing structures
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