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Dr Nabil Seyam
Dr. Nabil Seyam is director of the Board of Administration of the Islamic Society of Wichita and Co-Founder of the Annoor Islamic School. He was the recipient of the Leader of the Year in 2002 in Wichita and most recently was the recipient of the Community Servant Award by the University United Methodist Church in 2003. Dr. Seyam was selected for the Community Servant Award because of his active role in peace-building and multiculturalism throughout Kansas. He is an adjunct instructor for Pittsburg State University and Wichita State University. He is married and has six children. He can be reached at (316) 630-9222 , by e-mail at nabil@seyam.org, or visit his website at www.seyam.org
Articles Written By Dr Nabil Seyam
Religion 1st-October-2006 How can something be a sin for some and not for others?
Religion 1st-September-2006 Will there ever be anything more than what we have in the Bible?
Religion 1st-August-2006 With all the mess, are we closer to the end times?
Religion 1st-July-2006 What would be the religious explanation if life were found on other planets?
Religion 30th-March-2006 Is oral sex between a husband & wife a sin?
Religion 1st-March-2006 Are good works necessary for salvation?
Religion 1st-September-2005 What happens to suicide bombers who die for their faith?
Religion 1st-August-2005 Is there such a thing as ‘rebirth’ or reincarnation?
Religion 1st-July-2005 Who in Heaven has their soul already reunited with their body?
Religion 1st-April-2005 Why no mention of Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament?
Religion 1st-February-2005 Is it true that most people who have lived on this earth will go to hell?
Religion 1st-January-2005 Will we be judged more harshly than those of the Old Testament?
Religion 1st-December-2004 Once saved, serious sin will still send you to hell, right?
Religion 1st-October-2004 What is meant... “there will be just one Church” at the end of time?
Religion 1st-September-2004 Something is missing... but we don’t want to be pressured
Religion 1st-August-2004 What body and mind will we have in eternity?
Religion 1st-July-2004 Cremation... is it a moral or spiritual issue
Religion 1st-June-2004 Why repent when you’re going to commit the same sins again?
Religion 1st-May-2004 Who should one pray to... God... Jesus... The Holy Spirit... the Saints?
Religion 1st-April-2004 Are Middle East happenings signals to the end of time?
Religion 1st-March-2004 God said after the flood He would never do it again... will He?
Religion 1st-June-2003 Can someone be reincarnated?
Religion 1st-May-2003 Can one be 'saved' then lose it?
Religion 1st-January-2003 Did all of mankind descend from just two people?
Religion 1st-October-2002 How does one know how big a sin is?
Religion 1st-November-2011 Apart from the bible... how do we know God exists?
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