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Brian Bulot
Brian Bulot is manager of G&W Foods in Girard and has been in the Grocery Retail business for 27 years. For more information please call 620-724-4411.
Articles Written By Brian Bulot
Food & Drink 1st-July-2013 What are some fast, flavorful and versatile ideas for supper?
Food & Drink 1st-June-2013 What is the best crispy oven fried chicken recipe?
Food & Drink 1st-May-2013 How do you make Lela's famous burgers?
Food & Drink 1st-April-2013 Great spaghetti sauce & meatball recipe
Food & Drink 1st-March-2013 What are some hot & spicy food ideas?
Food & Drink 1st-February-2013 What are the most important tips in making deer jerky?
Food & Drink 1st-January-2013 How can you get outdoor grilling taste while grilling indoors?
Food & Drink 1st-December-2012 Holiday dinner & beverage ideas
Food & Drink 1st-November-2012 What are some end of season barbecue ideas?
Food & Drink 1st-October-2012 How do I make mouthwatering chicken wings?
Cooking & Cuisine 1st-September-2012 What are some great dip recipes?
Food & Drink 1st-August-2012 How do you make beer can chicken?
Food & Drink 2nd-July-2012 Best marinade recipes
Food & Drink 1st-May-2012 New twist on an old favorite
Food & Drink 1st-April-2012 Great grilling results with fish
Food & Drink 1st-March-2012 Deer jerky…tips for best results
Food & Drink 1st-February-2012 Menu ideas for guys
Food & Drink 1st-January-2012 Best value cuts of steak
Food & Drink 1st-December-2011 The holiday ham
Food & Drink 1st-November-2011 Best foods for tailgating - series - part 2
Food & Drink 1st-October-2011 Best foods for tailgating
Food & Drink 1st-February-2011 Best cuts of meat for grilling
Food & Drink 1st-January-2011 Benefits of fresh produce at your local grocer
Food & Drink 1st-December-2010 How to plan a restaurant style meal at home
Food & Drink 1st-November-2010 Tips to cutting costs on your grocery bill
Food & Drink 1st-October-2010 Differences in ground meat
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