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Jacqui Brandwynne
Jacqueline Brandwynne started her Very Private® Q&A advice column to help people make their relationships happier and more intimate. The column focuses on dating, relationships, and intimate health. Jacqui also developed doctor recommended Daily Feminine Body Care products for women. For a free sample of the Very Private® Intimate Moisture product call (888) 837-9774. Mail a question to Jacqui: PO Box 491341, Los Angeles, CA 90049, or e-mail: info@veryprivate.com. For intimacy advice and to listen to Jacqui's radio show every Wednesdays visit www.veryprivate.com
Articles Written By Jacqui Brandwynne
Relationships 1st-June-2013 Letting go is the key to regain inner peace
Relationships 1st-May-2013 Including the intimacy factor means deeper sexual bonding
Relationships 1st-March-2013 Suddenly single again and I need advice
Relationships 1st-January-2013 Getting it right the second time around
Relationships 1st-December-2012 How can I get my sex drive back?
Relationships 1st-November-2012 Love or financial security?
Health & Wellness 1st-September-2012 Frequently asked questions about vaginal infections
Relationships 2nd-July-2012 Opposites attract-but then what?
Relationships 1st-June-2012 Discussing sexual dysfunction without hurting the other person
Relationships 1st-April-2012 In love with a married man- upside and downside!
Relationships 1st-February-2012 Single on Valentine’s
Relationships 1st-January-2012 Great sex at any age!
Relationships 24th-October-2011 How to break the stress cycle
Relationships 1st-May-2011 Colon cancer is common but mostly preventable
Relationships 1st-December-2010 “Giving the gift of joy!”
Relationships 1st-November-2010 “Her indecision drives me crazy.”
Relationships 1st-October-2010 Beauty after sixty?
Relationships 1st-September-2010 Is “half” a boyfriend better than none?
Relationships 1st-May-2010 Being pro-active in finding your love
Relationships 5th-October-2011 Confronting domestic abuse
Relationships 5th-October-2011 What women should know about intimacy
Relationships 5th-October-2011 Why don’t men listen?
Relationships 5th-October-2011 Advice without sounding like criticism
Relationships 5th-October-2011 How health reform affects cancer treatment
Relationships 5th-October-2011 He’s just not that into you
Relationships 5th-October-2011 Miles apart yet sharing the same bed
Relationships 5th-October-2011 When love meets money - how to manage!
Relationships 1st-December-2008 Gift of honesty
Relationships 1st-July-2008 Two daily vitamins to take
Relationships 1st-May-2008 Having troubles remembering?
Relationships 1st-March-2008 Can older women really date younger men?
Relationships 1st-February-2008 Can hormones make us more trusting?
Relationships 1st-December-2007 Recapture the joy of being
Relationships 1st-December-2007 The key to a happy relationship
Relationships 1st-November-2007 Keeping the golden silence can cause serious health damage
Relationships 1st-October-2007 Is it true that once you get older your sex life diminishes?
Relationships 1st-July-2007 What is true intimacy?
Relationships 1st-June-2007 Revitalizing sexual desire at any age
Relationships 1st-May-2007 Mammograms can be a gift
Relationships 1st-April-2007 Jacqui Brandwynne
Relationships 5th-October-2011 Hormone therapy, what is the truth?
Relationships 1st-February-2007 Do men like less intelligent women?
Relationships 5th-October-2011 Finding happiness
Relationships 5th-October-2011 "Role reversal: when your parents become your children"
Relationships 5th-October-2011 Dealing with B.O. diplomatically
Relationships 5th-October-2011 Winning Against Yourself
Relationships 1st-December-2002 "Don’t hurt your "
Relationships 1st-November-2002 "Don't Hurt Your Joints Working Out!"
Relationships 1st-October-2002 "I'm terrified of getting hurt again."
Relationships 1st-September-2002 "Low self-esteem, is there a way I can change?"
Relationships 1st-August-2002 The cat's meow!
Relationships 4th-November-2011 Without being aware couples start projecting onto each other what they dislike most about themselves.
Relationships 4th-November-2011 A female co-worker is edging in on our marriage.
Relationships 1st-May-2002 He lost his job and takes it out on me
Relationships 4th-November-2011 Turf Issues: Old friends vs. a new partner
Relationships 4th-November-2011 If I say yes, does it mean I settle for money?
Relationships 26th-October-2011 Do I need to wear sunglasses all of the time?
Relationships 26th-October-2011 Ready to make a life commitment
Relationships 26th-October-2011 What's essential to make a relationship work?
Relationships 2nd-November-2011 His jealousy is causing a lot of tension and I'm very concerned about losing him.
Relationships 3rd-November-2011 Ten Good Minutes Daily equals a Closer Relationship
Relationships 1st-July-2001 "My wife's doctor never mentioned the risks in taking estrogen!"
Relationships 3rd-November-2011 "My wife's doctor never mentioned the risks in taking estrogen!
Relationships 5th-October-2011 Good fat helping you lose bad fat?
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