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Lisa Vermillion
Lisa Vermillion is President and co-owner of Get Fit Bee Fit and Thin and Healthy Weight Management. Lisa opened Get Fit- 4 years ago in Valley Center, after receiving certifications thorough the American Council on Exercise as a Weight and Lifestyle Management Consultant and Certified Personal Trainer. In January, she Grand Opened Thin and Healthy Weight Management in the same location. Lisa not only provides weight loss programs for individuals but she also implements business wellness programs for small businesses and large corporations. Additionally, Lisa is a Certified Life Coach providing guidance for individuals in the areas of career, relationship and personal development. She is available for speaking engagements in the areas of Physical Fitness, Weight Management, or any Life Coaching area (goal setting, positive attitude, sales, etc). Lisa can be reached for questions or speaking engagements by phone (316) 755-1115 or email at mvmillion@yahoo.com
Articles Written By Lisa Vermillion
Health & Wellness 1st-June-2013 Too busy to eat right? Nonsense!
Mental Health 1st-May-2013 What's the world coming to?
Mental Health 1st-April-2013 Handling stress
Mental Health 1st-March-2013 Coping with the rough stuff in life
Diet & Nutrition 1st-February-2013 Healthy state of mind
Diet & Nutrition 1st-January-2013 New Year’s resolutions
Diet & Nutrition 1st-November-2012 Maintaining weight during the holidays
Mental Health 1st-October-2012 Dealing with life's transitions
Diet & Nutrition 1st-September-2012 Feeling overwhelmed
Diet & Nutrition 1st-August-2012 What really is "mindset?"
Diet & Nutrition 2nd-July-2012 Changing beliefs an answer to bullying?
Diet & Nutrition 1st-June-2012 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
Diet & Nutrition 1st-May-2012 No need to starve to lose weight
Diet & Nutrition 1st-April-2012 Dieting sabotage
Diet & Nutrition 1st-March-2012 Invest in what matters
Diet & Nutrition 1st-February-2012 Learning from adversity
Diet & Nutrition 1st-January-2012 Choosing the right diet
Diet & Nutrition 1st-December-2011 Positive thinking
Diet & Nutrition 25th-October-2011 Alternatives
Diet & Nutrition 26th-September-2011 Trust your own mind
Diet & Nutrition 1st-July-2011 When life throws you a curveball
Diet & Nutrition 1st-June-2011 Saving money for regular people
Diet & Nutrition 1st-May-2011 Best use of time, money and influence
Diet & Nutrition 1st-April-2011 “Shoulds and shouldn’ts”
Diet & Nutrition 1st-March-2011 Leave a legacy
Diet & Nutrition 1st-January-2011 Your purpose
Diet & Nutrition 1st-January-2011 Converting resolutions into reality
Diet & Nutrition 1st-December-2010 Staying on goal during the holidays
Diet & Nutrition 1st-November-2010 Changing habits
Diet & Nutrition 1st-October-2010 Achieving your goals
Diet & Nutrition 1st-September-2010 Plan it
Diet & Nutrition 1st-July-2010 Positive steps
Diet & Nutrition 1st-July-2010 It’s all about perspective
Diet & Nutrition 1st-May-2010 Belief is key
Diet & Nutrition 1st-May-2010 Accountability on the SMART plan
Diet & Nutrition 1st-April-2010 SMART goals
Diet & Nutrition 1st-March-2010 Setting goals, making plans, a new year
Diet & Nutrition 1st-February-2010 How to eat healthy at business meetings
Diet & Nutrition 1st-December-2009 Moving forward into the New Year
Diet & Nutrition 1st-November-2009 Handling stress during the holidays
Diet & Nutrition 1st-October-2009 Finding enough energy to exercise
Diet & Nutrition 1st-August-2009 Weight loss and staying on track
Diet & Nutrition 1st-August-2009 Feeling hungry too soon?
Diet & Nutrition 1st-July-2009 Eating healthy this summer
Diet & Nutrition 1st-May-2009 Changing your way of thinking
Diet & Nutrition 1st-May-2009 Feeling unmotivated to find new work
Diet & Nutrition 1st-April-2009 Staying more productive
Diet & Nutrition 1st-February-2009 Staying more positive
Diet & Nutrition 1st-February-2009 Controlling negative thoughts
Diet & Nutrition 31st-December-2008 New Year’s resolutions
Diet & Nutrition 1st-December-2008 What have you accomplished?
Diet & Nutrition 1st-October-2008 “I can’t” is a common phrase
Diet & Nutrition 1st-October-2008 Staying in control during holidays
Diet & Nutrition 1st-September-2008 Work and home
Diet & Nutrition 1st-August-2008 Giving up too quickly
Diet & Nutrition 1st-July-2008 A good balance between home and work
Diet & Nutrition 1st-June-2008 Giving up too quickly
Diet & Nutrition 1st-May-2008 Teaching our children better food habits
Diet & Nutrition 1st-April-2008 What’s a good healthy weight?
Diet & Nutrition 1st-March-2008 We can’t control everything in our lives
Diet & Nutrition 1st-February-2008 Dealing with a “Negative Ned” or “Nelly”
Diet & Nutrition 1st-January-2008 Steps to keep that New Year’s resolution!
Diet & Nutrition 1st-December-2007 Does food decrease effects of medication?
Diet & Nutrition 1st-November-2007 Holidays are here...say “NO” to stress
Diet & Nutrition 1st-October-2007 Urgent vs. important
Diet & Nutrition 1st-September-2007 Being the best...
Diet & Nutrition 1st-August-2007 Don’t have enough time? Nonsense!
Diet & Nutrition 1st-July-2007 Running for food to cope
Diet & Nutrition 1st-June-2007 Too busy to eat right? Nonsense!
Diet & Nutrition 1st-May-2007 Bad habits are bringing me down
Diet & Nutrition 1st-April-2007 Negative thoughts leave us blue
Diet & Nutrition 1st-March-2007 Please, help make my goals reality
Diet & Nutrition 1st-February-2007 How to keep your plans for yourself
Diet & Nutrition 1st-December-2006 How to focus on New Year resolutions
Diet & Nutrition 1st-November-2006 Holidays and handling your diet
Diet & Nutrition 1st-November-2006 Anger and cookies
Diet & Nutrition 1st-October-2006 How to help overweight children
Diet & Nutrition 1st-September-2006 Staying on track with weight loss
Diet & Nutrition 1st-August-2006 Peer pressure and dieting
Diet & Nutrition 1st-June-2006 Is there hope for the “fat kid”?
Diet & Nutrition 1st-June-2006 Out of energy to workout?
Diet & Nutrition 1st-May-2006 Dealing with hunger feelings
Diet & Nutrition 30th-March-2006 Keeping the motivation to exercise after a long day of work
Diet & Nutrition 1st-March-2006 Keeping weight loss resolutiosn
Diet & Nutrition 29th-December-2005 What can I do to stick to my weight loss resolutions?
Diet & Nutrition 1st-November-2005 I’m a ‘mood’ eater... help!
Diet & Nutrition 1st-November-2005 Healthy holiday habits
Diet & Nutrition 1st-October-2005 How do I eat out and stay healthy?
Diet & Nutrition 1st-September-2005 Does caffeine affect weight loss?
Diet & Nutrition 31st-December-1969 Each year it gets harder
Diet & Nutrition 31st-December-1969 Must health be sacrificed for convenience?
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